Dear Friends,                                                                                 Monday, March 7, 2022

The Town of Shelburne has rescinded the mask mandate as of 3/7/22. Starting tomorrow 3/8, the library will be open for patrons to enter and browse and check out items from the collection or pick up requested Interlibrary loan items anytime during open hours.

You will continue to receive notifications via text or email or phone call when an item you requested has arrived at the library but we are ending our curbside pick up services. Your items will be available to check out at the desk when you arrive. If you have a need to continue with curbside pick-up please ask us and we will arrange to make it available to you.

In regard to masking, it is no longer mandatory but we are adhering to this recommendation from the Shelburne Board of Health that appears on the town website.

“The Shelburne Board of Health recommends the wearing of masks when unable to maintain physical distance from others.”

Mask wearing is preferred at the library since our floor space is so limited and especially if you come to the library and there are 3 or more people inside.

Unvaccinated individuals should always wear a mask in the library.

Here is a link to the MA Department of Health Advisory Regarding Face Coverings that was updated March 1 2022 and its statement in quotes  below in regard to unvaccinated individuals.


“For individuals who are not fully vaccinated, it is important that you continue to wear a face covering or mask to help prevent you from spreading COVID-19 to other people.”

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at the library.